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Pokemon: Volcarona by eirlude
Pokemon: Volcarona
Hi! Haven't posted in a while. I've still been drawing, just practicing on the sidelines.
I was going to do this for the Draw This Again meme but idk if it counts since the compositions are so different. (I don't even know where the old one is, can't find it anywhere :c )

Anyway, I just love this big fiery moth *v*
Check it out on my tumblr:…

Volcarona from Pokemon, done in Photoshop w/ 50 layers
Impulsive writing. I don't even know why I'm on deviantART.

I'm sick of people, usually non-artists, who scold me for "lying" when I point out the imperfections in my own art because they can't see them themselves.

I do have a self-deprecating attitude, but I try not to let that show in a professional setting. I do however point out (maybe not publicly) flaws I see in my own work when people ask me what I think about it because really... that's what the question is, isn't it?

but maybe it should occur to you that anytime an artist comments something negative they're not automatically 1) fishing for compliments 2) lying to make themselves seem modest 3) just pointing untruths out for the heck of it. Maybe not all critique is detrimental. I know if I adopted a "wow my work is perfect" attitude I would stop improving.

I'm not talking about people who go "you might not like it but I like it." I'm talking about those who flat-out accuse me of "lying." Because anything short of sugarcoating my own work and I get flak - by that I mean people saying "If you think this isn't good, you're setting abnormally high standards for new artists and just discouraging them. Stop lying about your own work" No in fact, not everything is about you and what YOU think. 
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United States
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'ello, I'm Louisa (o v o)/ Glad you've made your way to my page!
I like to draw. I also have a habit of falling asleep under inappropriate circumstances.

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Much obliged.
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Abel : If you have the time you can drop an eye over our comic if you haven't already *smiles wide*
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